Who’s the Boss? (Not Tony Danza)

Who is my boss? (Tony Danza was the lead actor in an 80’s TV show called “Who’s the Boss” – showing my age, I know, I know). This is often unclear for Substitute Teachers and it’s a good question. At each Board of Education, there is a person who is in charge of the Substitute Teachers – in Ontario, called the Occasional Teaching Supervisor. This person is the one who officially hires you and who informs you of Board policy and decisions. Their office can be contacted if you have questions (and time to wait on hold).

However, the principal of the school where you are working for the day is also your boss. They are the ones who will answer your questions for that day. It is also helpful to realize that the teacher you are replacing is not your boss – nor are the other teachers. They can request things of you and give helpful advice but you do not have to fulfill their requests to do everyone’s yard duty for the day, for example.

Lastly it is also helpful to know that the union can be very, very helpful in answering a lot of questions. Although they are not your boss, they are often able to answer the kinds of questions you may ask you boss about policy, sick days and what to do if one student continues to wriggle out of the room like a worm etc.



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