Hilarious Spelling Sentences

Every week, students have to write one sentence for each spelling word. Here are some of my favourite spelling sentences by my students from this year:

The police said on the news that the facts are very influential for solving the problem.

I do not like mustard because it tastes very bad on my taste buds. 

When we say touch our lips separate and when we say separate our lips touch. 

A skunk uses their tail to stink off predators. 

My cousin got in jail because he did something bad and got called guilty.

Ritualistic – it’s like having pizza every Friday. 

I get told not to climb the shelves a lot. In my life, I went to the hospital 5 times. The cookies on the top of the shelf look delicious. (These sentences were by the same student, in the same week, for different words.) 

Aliens call a person a human because they don’t know his name. 

I put my toys on the shelf so they won’t fall off of it again, like 2 weeks ago and yesterday. 

A cathedral is a kind of cat.


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