Hand Held Whistles, Electronic Whistles and Whistle Apps

Every teacher needs a whistle. However, whistles you blow through became less popular through the pandemic. (Probably due to the problem of using them while wearing a mask.) Here are some alternatives.

  1. Hand Held Whistles: You simply squeeze these to get a whistle sound. They are fun. You find them online here: hand held whistle
  2. Electronic Whistles: Press a button – that’s it! Small and easy to use! You can find them online here: electronic whistle
  3. Whistle Apps: You already have your phone with you – so you will never forget it or lose it in your bag! You can find them online here: whistle app on google or here whistle app on apple

No matter what whistle you use, you will be glad you have one on hand for the days you are suddenly helping out with track try outs or trying to get students in from the far end of the field or breaking up students who are being too amorous for school!


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