Hallowe’en Activities for Substitute Teachers

You have taken a job on Hallowe’en? Here are some activities you can do with children that don’t take a lot of planning, in case there are no plans left. Be sure to provide alternative activities for students who do not celebrate Hallowe’en.

  1. Dance! Here’s a great playlist on YouTube: Hallowe’en Playlist
  2. Art! Here’s how to draw a Haunted House: How to Draw a Haunted House
  3. Hallowe’en Quiz! Hallowe’en Quiz
  4. Hallowe’en Would you Rather? Would you Rather?
  5. Hallowe’en Freeze Dance! Hallowe’en Freeze Dance
  6. Hallowe’en Games! Hallowe’en Games

These are mostly for younger students, however there are a few older students will enjoy as well. Be ready for an energetic day and be sure to eat some of those little chocolate bars!


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