Gym Lessons for Substitutes

Why, why, why do they always call me to substitute for gym classes? Ok, maybe it’s because I have a Phys. Ed. Degree… Gym teachers should not be allowed to get sick! However, I want to work, so here are a couple of games that everyone enjoys in gym class.

1. Sideline Ball

Take two benches and lay them down so that the flat part you sit on is perpendicular to the floor. Place the benches facing each other in front of the sidelines. Divide the students into two teams and have them sit behind the benches so that the bottom of the bench is facing them and the top of the bench is facing the other team. Place a soccer ball in the middle of the two benches. Number the students on each team – each team will have a number one, each team will have a number two and so on. When you call number one, the students on each team who are number one, have to run all the way around both teams and benches and then into the middle. The first student to kick the soccer ball against the opposing team’s bench gets a point for their team. After everyone has gone once, call more than one number at a time. You can also add in more than one soccer ball. There is no “goal tending” allowed from team members behind the bench.

2. Submarine

The object of this game is to follow directions as quickly as possible. (Isn’t that the object of every lesson I teach as a substitute?) The last person to follow the direction sits out until only one person is left. You tell the students they are to pretend the gym is a boat. The front wall (pick a wall) is called “bow”. The back wall is called “stern”. The left wall is called “port” and the right wall is “starboard”. When you call out bow, stern, port or starboard, the students are to run to touch that wall. When you say “Aye, Aye Captain”, they are to stand at attention and salute. When you say, “hit the deck”, they are to lie down. When you say “submarine”, they are to lie on their back with one foot in the air.


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