How to Get to Know Principals

It’s important to get to know Principals as a Substitute Teacher because they are the ones who hire you for a permanent job or to cover a sick leave or maternity leave. It is much easier to get these jobs if the Principal knows you. Here are 3 ways to get to know them better.

1. Introduce yourself when you see them in the hall. Say hello whenever you pass by them. Compliment the class you taught that day (honestly when possible).

2. Tell them something funny that a student said or something interesting or particularly clever – something short – principals are busy.

3. Invite them to the classroom to observe something special. Look over your day plan and see if there’s a science experiment or an art project that’s interesting. Let them know ahead of time so they can plan to come. (Only do this with classes you already know to avoid … well you know…)


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