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Over and over again, I hear from teachers that there are not enough resources to help our students with challenges, and that violence in the classroom is increasing while support is decreasing — often completely unavailable. As I travel around Ontario, speaking with teachers at conferences and workshops in Toronto, Simcoe County, Bluewater County, Thunder Bay, and many others, teachers are very interested in the checklists at the end of each chapter of Reaching and Teaching Them All that list many strategies for helping various groups of students — those new to the country, students with ADHD, and students with behavioural challenges, to name just a few. The use of de-escalation strategies, humour, and self-care are topics of special interest, along with my anecdotes about classroom antics, such as when a student told me she had a vasectomy to get out of doing homework.

Connecting with students is the key to teaching them. This remarkable book shows you how to connect with students, get to know what makes them tick, and discover what makes them behave and learn the way they do (or don’t).

Reaching & Teaching Them All shows you how to use body language, humor, shared experiences, and curriculum to engage students, manage the classroom, and support learning. The conversational style is supported by well-researched information on students struggling with challenges and those students who challenge a teacher.

When she’s not busy in the classroom, author-educator Amanda Yuill works with other teachers in workshops and speaking engagements. While sharing strategies and tools to connect with students, build rapport, handle difficult situations, she has gained insight into the most important challenges facing teachers today — and how her book can help.


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