Don’t Kick the Photocopier!

Photocopiers have stolen years of my life – no joke! I often resort to praying for divine intervention in the form of a photocopier miracle healing! As a teacher, even as a substitute teacher, we have to deal with an uncooperative photocopier at times. Kicking and swearing won’t help – many have tried that approach already. Here are some tips that may help…

1. Sometimes you need a code from the office in order to even start copying. It’s not playing hard to get – ok, well maybe it is!

2. If it’s beeping, it usually means it is out of paper. This is also a useful wake up call when dozing while copying.

3. Sometimes you simply need to turn it off and on again – although this takes quite a while so be ready! The copier thinks it’s morning all over again and needs another coffee.

4. Photocopiers often show you on the screen where a paper jam is and how to open it up to clear the jam – this can sometimes actually work, to the delight of the company engineers!

5. There is always more than one copier in a school. Just walk away. No – not after one last kick!


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