Cyber Baiting – What to Do

Cyber Baiting is when students bait a teacher or another student into an outburst, film it and then post the video online. It is important to be aware that this can happen and to know what to do.

1. Be aware when a student seems to be baiting you or another student – look around to see if they or another student are filming it on their phone (sometimes more than one student is filming).

2. If you see a student filming, have the student give you the phone and contact the office. Let the office know that a student was filming something in class. Ask them if they would like the student to come to the office or if an administrator is coming to you. If the student will not give you the phone, let the office know this.

3. Do not give the phone back to the student to take it with them to the office as they may upload the video then. Keep the phone and give it to an administrator yourself.

4. Be sure to write out an incident report at the school and keep a copy of it yourself as if may be required if the police get involved – which does sometimes happen.

5. It’s always a good idea to contact your union and to let them know about the incident. They can provide good counsel and advice.



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