Common Interview Questions for Teaching Positions

Congratulations! You have an interview! Don’t freak out! You can do it! Here are some common interview questions asked for teaching positions.

  1. Tell us about your ______ program (language, math or a specific subject). In this answer, they are looking for the fact that you start with the curriculum, that you place an emphasis on the basic skills, that it is an inclusive program for all learning styles and abilities and that you make it interesting and relevant to the students.
  2. What is your classroom management style (or sometimes they will give a scenario where a student is acting out and ask what you would do). In this answer they are looking for you to say that you are firm and fair. They want to know that you include the students when you first make the class rules and that they are written somewhere that is accessible to the students and that you refer back to them. They want to know that you remain calm and use your relationship with the students to know how to deal with a situation. They want to know you know when to get help e.g. when a student has a weapon or has threatened someone.
  3. What is your weakness? I always say I am a perfectionist and have to learn that “good enough” is really good enough. This is a trick question in my opinion!
  4. What are your strengths? Really tell them your strengths as it relates to teaching – are you great with parents? Do you love extra-curricular activities? Are you the staff social organizer? Pick things that add to the school community.
  5. This is often a question about diversity. This could include race, abilities, learning styles and many other things. I often talk about having pictures around the classroom that include various races, abilities etc. It’s also good to show how your program will account for students who have various learning styles, ability levels and disabilities.
  6. Recently it has been popular to ask about assessment for, as and of learning. They often don’t want you to define these but talk about how you will use these different forms of assessment in your program. Just for clarity, assessment of learning is like a test at the end of a unit. Assessment for learning is when you give a test at the beginning of a unit to see what they know and what you need to teach and assessment as learning is where the students use self and peer assessment to see how they are doing. They are looking for you to use various types of assessment in your program – not just tests.
  7. Do you have any questions for us? I usually don’t. If you have a good one you use, please tell me in the comments below!

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but these questions are very common. Check back next week for more interview tips!


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