Can you actually make a difference as a substitute teacher?

The answer is simple: yes. Yes you can make a difference.

Often, students have a bad day when there is a substitute teacher in their class.  They push the teacher, she yells – a lot.  It’s no fun for anyone.  When you go in and have fun with the students and they do their work – this is great!  This takes one whole day that they could have lost and redeems it! 

Sometimes, the substitute teacher doesn’t care and just lets the kids do whatever they want.  That’s also no fun for anyone because it’s loud and things get broken and the class gets in trouble when their regular teacher returns.  When you go in and you care – when you try – the students do have a better day.  The students who are in school to learn have the greatest disdain for substitute teachers who don’t try.  Even the ones who yell a lot are better.  You, on the other hand, are so, so much better than that!  You have some fun with them.  There is some order.  This really, really does make a difference.


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