Business Card Etiquette for Substitute Teachers

1. Have a Business Card – you are a professional who people want to contact in order to hire for other jobs. This is not ridiculous – this is 2017!

2. Make sure your name, contact information and employee number are clearly and easily visible. ¬†Less is more. Nobody is going to call you because you have a cool business card but people won’t call if they can’t read your information.

3. It’s ok to give your business card to the school office staff, to anyone who asks for it and to leave it for the teacher whose class you taught. Leaving a bunch of your cards on a table in the staff room when people don’t know you is wasting your cards – they will end up in the recycling. Giving one to everyone in the staff room who didn’t ask will not get you more jobs – it will get you raised eyebrows behind your back.



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