Becoming a Regular at a School or ♪ “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” ♪

“Ms. Yuuuuuiiiiiilllll”, they yell as though I’m Norm from Cheers. It really is true – I want to be where everyone knows my name. As a substitute teacher, it’s nice to have 1 to 3 schools where I’m a regular. I know the routines, rules, schedules, class clowns…. Not to mention I get more work (read money). How do I become a regular?

1. The kids need to like me and to ask for me so I have fun with them and give incentives.
2. The teachers need to like me and request me so I make sure to do the work they left and talk with them during lunch in the staff room.
3. The office staff and/or Vice Principal and/or Principal need to request me (whoever is usually in charge of booking substitute teachers). I’m as flexible as possible when they ask me to trade jobs for the day or take the kindergarten class on a field trip.
4. Keep building relationships.
5. Be patient. It takes time. (Like molasses in winter, my dad would say.)

♪ … And they’re always glad you came. ♪ (Google the Cheers theme song if you don’t know it!)



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