Avoiding Discouragement as a Substitute Teacher

As a Substitute Teacher, we get less appreciation for a job which is often more difficult. How do we stay encouraged when the class literally tore up their math sheets? Here’s a few tips:

1) Schedule in fun with each class. At the beginning of each period do a joke – What do you call cheese that’s not yours? Nacho Cheese!

2) Take it easy on yourself. Hind sight is 20/20! You did the best you could in the situation. Next time you’ll do better because you learned from this situation that sometimes the class clown really does feel sick to his stomach…

3) Schedule in fun for yourself. Take care of yourself. If you had a bad day at school, do something you like after school. Eat comfort food. Watch a funny movie.

Most important is to remember that you are doing a difficult job and you are making a difference in children’s lives. In this job, people don’t often say thank you, so when they do you know that you’ve done very well! Remember on bad days that, “This too will pass” and soon you’ll be onto days when the little girls draw you a picture for your fridge!



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