Attendance Activites

Every morning and afternoon, I ask my students a question as I take attendance. Then, they are supposed to answer the question when I call their name. Unfortunately, they often say, “here” or “what?”. However, there is still value in it. Here are some of the questions I ask.

  1. How are you feeling on a scale of 1 – 10 where 1 is very sad and 10 is very happy? This is an important one especially right now during the pandemic. Students need to express how they are doing and it can lead to discussions on how to manage emotions. When they say -10, I know there’s a problem!
  2. What is your favourite ___________________. Colour, cereal, superhero, season, teacher (wink, wink) – the list goes on and on and students often request that I ask a certain question!
  3. What did you do/ will you do on the weekend. Students love to share their plans or what happened in their life. (Even when sometimes I think their parents may not want them to share everything…)
  4. What is one thing you do when you are bored so you won’t be bored? This is a great question because it helps students come up with more ideas of what to do when they are bored. I do sometimes censor dangerous activities in the answers… Jumping off the roof with a blanket, for example.
  5. Who snores the loudest in your house? or How loud is the snoring in your house? This one is hilarious!!! And nobody is too badly hurt by this bit of fun!


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