Are Students Always Like this After Afternoon Recess?

Yes! It is often more difficult to keep students calm and working after afternoon recess. Classroom management becomes making sure they aren’t running around the classroom playing tag and throwing the ball around! So here are some things that work to get students clamed down.
1. Use incentives – promise free time for those who are sitting quietly (or at least those who are not running around like a chicken with their head cut off!). Giving candy to those sitting quietly works. Any incentive that you think may work is worth a go!
2. Tell a ghost story. I often have students come in and sit with their head down and turn off the lights – then I tell a ghost story – very quietly. I find this works really well to keep them calm.
3. Play a game. Students will sit quietly if they think they will get a chance to play a game. Play one game right after recess, with a promise of another game at the end of the day if students work quietly.


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