Alleviating September Fatigue

Why am I alway so tired in September? It’s back to school, back to routines and back to dreaming about my students. I’m falling asleep before I make dinner. (Ok, so I picked up Greek food on the way home!!) It always takes a while to get back into the routine of the school year and our bodies, minds and emotions need time to adjust. Here are some tips to help alleviate September Fatigue.

  1. Make less social plans in September. Don’t agree to volunteer for the community play about recycling. Let people know you are not available and don’t feel bad about it. Give your body time to rest. You need it!
  2. Focus on getting to bed on time. Summer bed times are often later than ones we need during the school year. Set an alarm, have a routine and get to bed. Perhaps reward yourself if you get to bed on time – one chocolate …. box – no – don’t do that! However, a reward could help.
  3. Focus on eating well. Greek food aside, perhaps make all your lunches on the weekend or buy ready – made, healthy ¬†meals from the grocery store. Healthy food gives your body the fuel it needs (cue Partici-paction/Body Break music from the ’80s – look it up on YouTube).
  4. Use kind self-talk. Beating yourself up (because you ate the whole box of chocolates) doesn’t help. Self-compassion and planning ahead for the next time does.
  5. Sleep. Lots. Our bodies do need more rest and getting more rest will help us transition. Go to bed early, sleep in on the weekends, have an after school nap. It’s not being lazy. It’s acknowledging September is harder than August. It’s looking after myself and being ok with that.


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