5 Exciting Summer Activities for Substitute Teachers

1. Sleep in (this may involve teaching your children how to get their own breakfast). Put the alarm clock away! Also see: afternoon naps.

2. Take a course – I know it’s not as exciting as sleeping in, but the summer really is a good time to improve your qualifications and move up the pay scale!

3. Take a vacation in Canada – see a giant nickel, the backwards falls, the Northern Lights or Banff’s animals that always seem to be walking slowly on the road. (You can go outside Canada too but then can’t claim EI.)

4. Think of snappy comebacks to “Are you the substitute teacher?” e.g. “Noooo… I’m the poisonous snake catcher – didn’t you call?”

5. Teach summer school – ok, also not as fun as sleeping in, but with the extra cash you can do exciting things like pay your rent and buy food!


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