5 Exciting September Activities for Substitute Teachers

There is often not much call for Substitute Teachers in September. So how do you advance your career and get work in September?

1. Sleep in – your Employment Insurance hasn’t run out yet – why sweat it?

2. Volunteer – now is the time to get to know teachers and schools, see how a teacher handles the first day of school and the first week – hand out your card. They are more likely to use you as a substitute if they know you and that you’re not crazy!

3. Take a Vacation – see #1.

4. Network a.k.a shmoozing – call teachers and principals you know, let them know you are available. Ask people to introduce you to teachers they know.

5. Get a part time job. Ok, so this isn’t all that exciting but if you really need the money, think of places that need extra help in September – like university book stores – and give them a call.


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