3 Recommended Conferences for Teachers

There are many great conferences and workshops for teachers in Ontario. Here 3 I recommend:

Reading for the Love of It – Feb. 22-23, 2024. This is far and away the biggest conference for teachers – all about reading and language arts and really, many other things too. It’s fun, there’s lots to learn and my favourite session is with Barbara Reid as she shows us how she makes her books with plasticine pictures! Reading for the Love of It Conference webpage

Ontario Library Association Super Conference – Jan. 24-27, 2024. At this conference, they are not allowed to sell books and so publishers and authors give books away for free!! Come with your carry-on suitcase!! If you are the librarian at your school, they may pay for you to go to this conference – or even if you are not –  there’s no harm in asking! OLA Super Conference webpage

ETFO Summer Academy – July and August, 2024. The ETFO runs 40 three day courses in the summer – everything from math, science, outdoor education to kindergarten, social justice and Occasional Teaching (ok, that may be my course). Online and in person courses are available and you can still register for some courses! The food is also amazing! You have to login to the members’ site and then register. ETFO members’ site webpage


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