10 De-escalation Techniques

Nobody wants a violent situation in their classroom. So when you see a student escalating towards violence, here are some techniques you can use to de-escalate the situation.

1. Allow the student to go for a break – to the bathroom or to get a drink.

2. Ask a friend of theirs to take them for a short walk to help them calm down.

3. Stop talking about the issue with the student and talk about it later.

4. Allow the student to listen to their music.

5. Allow the student to do what they are doing, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone.

6. Help the student with deep breathing.

7. Get the help of another teacher who can talk with the student.

8. Allow the student to use their phone or a school iPad or laptop.

9. Apologize – you don’t have to be wrong – just apologize that the situation is not good etc.

10. Agree with the student about something e.g. School is not always fair. Have them agree with you e.g. that they are angry.


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