Everything you need to get the students on your side and teach them too!

Fresh strategies for connecting with students

Reaching and Teaching Them AllReaching & Teaching Them All This remarkable book shows you how to connect with students, get to know what makes them tick, and what makes them behave and learn the way they do (or don’t). The conversational style is supported by well-researched information on students with challenges and those students who challenge a teacher. This practical book shows you how to use body language, humor, shared experiences, and curriculum to engage students, manage the classroom, and support learning. Available now.

Ready-to-use tools, tips, and lesson ideas for every grade from K–8

cover3This easy-to-read, humorous survival guide for substitute teachers presents strategies to get students on your side and make classroom management easier for a full day, or longer term. This handy resource is full of quick, relationship-building activities that make the difference between a day of spitballs and a day where students give you homemade bracelets. A handy time-saver, the book includes specific lessons for all grades, in all subject areas. Ideal for the teacher just getting started, an experienced teacher filling in, or a full-time classroom teacher looking for new ways to connect with students, this timely book offers the tips and tools you need to not only survive, but succeed.

Book available from Amazon.ca and Pembroke Publishers. Ebook available from Pembroke Publishers.

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  1. Amanda it is such an honor to work with you! You are a fantastic teacher! Even though I’ve taught for 25 years I’ve learned new class management skills from you ( Line order and carpet spot). Love it. Looking forward to your book! Congrats!

  2. I know your book is going to be such a success! When you took my challenging grade 6 class for prep, I couldn’t believe it was the same group of kids when they were with you. You were always so calm with them and they listened! You did a fantastic job with my grade 1/2 class when I was on maternity leave. Actually, ….. it was a bit intimidating coming back. I had some BIG SHOES to fill after you!

  3. I really enjoyed working with you this past year. I am looking forward to reading your book. Congratulations!

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