About AmandaI like travelling, sports and meeting friends for coffee– oops sorry – that’s my online dating profile …

I have been a teacher since 1997 and a substitute teacher for over 12 years.  I started out teaching in Japan, where I felt very tall standing at 5’5’’ (just telling it like it is).  When I had eaten enough sushi, I moved home and worked in a private school before I finally succumbed to the urging of my wallet and moved to the Toronto District School Board.  I was a substitute teacher for a year and a half and then took a permanent position.

After three years, I resigned as a permanent teacher and stayed on as a substitute teacher in order to have more flexibility in my schedule to pursue other interests. I’ve been a substitute teacher ever since and I love it!

At first substitute teaching was kind of scary.  I was scared I wouldn’t get any jobs – and then I was scared I would get jobs.  Then it was frustrating and then sometimes boring.  As I improved, I came to like it better and better and now I have lots of fun and I’m able to work as much as I want!

I’d like to share the things I’ve learned with you over the years so that you can have fun right from the very beginning and work as much as you want!  You have fun, the students have fun and then you get hired permanently.  (If this is what you want – or, if you’re like me, you just teach as much as you want and then go salsa dancing the rest of the time!)